Porcelain, plaster, hand-build and casting, 120 x 35 x 37 cm

Porcelain, plaster, hand-build and casting, 120 x 35 x 37 cm

Object 13: Changing Perception, by Saana Murtti, Finland

Curator's reflection by Katarina Siltavuori:
What caught my eye in object 12 was the crackling of the surface and the form that seemed to be growing from within. The sense of something unexpected happening. Saana Murtti’s Changing Perception has for me the same feeling of change. The forms are blurred when layers of clay and glaze are added to a form. In both objects there is a strong presence of a process that materializes in the final form.

Réflexion de la curatrice Katarina Siltavuori:
Ce qui a attiré mon attention dans l'objet 12 était le crépitement de la surface et la forme qui grandissait de l'intérieur. L’impression que quelque chose d’inattendu était en train de se produire. Pour moi, « Changing perception » (« Changement de perception »), de Saana Murtti, procure cette même sensation de changement. Les formes sont brouillées lorsque des couches d'argile et de vernis leur sont ajoutées. Dans les deux objets, il y a la forte présence d'un processus qui se matérialise dans une forme finale.

Saana Murtti (b. 1974) works in the fields of ceramics and sculpture.  Murtti has a MFA from Aalto-University, Department of Art (2013) and a MFA in ceramics from University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. Her artistic process is fuelled by her personal experiences as well as by theoretical inspirations, notably by works of philosopher Martin Buber. Through this thought process, her recent works tackle themes associated with interaction: how it is created, its presence and its absence. This in turn leads to a secondary theme, that of disappearance. Recent exhibitions include Beyond presence at Gallery Arabia (Helsinki, Finland), Contemporary Ceramic Art from Denmark and Finland at Gallery Officinet, Copenhagen, Denmark, and The 10th International Ceramics Festival ´14 Mino, Japan.