Renata Jakowleff, Finland

(b. 1974)

Jakowleff studied at the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2000-05. Since her graduation she has worked as a free glass artist. At the moment she runs a studio in Helsinki at the fortress isle Suomenlinna. Jakowleff first became known through her small scale glass ware design. Focusing on new ways to work her material, she gradually shifted to conduct technical research projects on alternative forming of hot glass. Maintaining her focus on the liquid qualities of glass, she is now best known for her sensitive, elegant sculptural work. Lately subjected to the body, these works take still use of the malleable nature of hot glass combining it with such contrasting materials as concrete or leather. Jakowleffs works has been selected to several public and private collections, such as the collection of the Finnish glass museum and Elton Johns glass collection. The work has also been featured in catalogues of international glass exhibitions and competitions. Jakowleff exhibits internationally in galleries, fairs and museums.

Colors III

Casted, cold worked glass, metal, 15 x 36,5 x 5cm