2013, 15 x 8 cm, © Ásta Kristjáns

2013, 15 x 8 cm, © Ásta Kristjáns

Object 5: Scarab, by OrriFinn Jewels, Iceland

Curator's reflection by Anna Leoniak:
The claw-like petals of the ceramic chrysanthemum flower was my main inspiration for selecting the Scarab beetles. The sharp, shapely petals folded into a ball like in the centre of the flower resemble an insect’s limbs. The central ball shape of the chrysanthemum brings a thought of a ball that the dung beetle rolls with its hind legs. Even the flower itself could be seen as one ball that is wrapped and covered with multiple layers of insects’ limbs that are folding into the centre.

Réflexion de la curatrice Anna Leoniak :
Les pétales de la fleur de chrysanthème en céramique, semblables aux pinces d’un insecte, ont été l'inspiration principale pour sélectionner les Scarabées. Ces pétales qui se plient en boule, comme le centre de la fleur, ressemblent en effet aux pattes d'un insecte. La boule à l'intérieur du chrysanthème fait penser à la boule dans laquelle le scarabée enroule ses pattes arrière. Même la fleur elle-même pourrait être vue telle une boule qui est enveloppée et recouverte par les nombreuses pattes de l’insecte qui se plient en son centre.

Orri and Helga have been making jewellery together since 2011 under the Orrifinn name. Orri graduated as a goldsmith at the Technical College of Reykjavík, Iceland. They have released four jewellery collections, debuting with the Anchor Collection in 2012, The Scarab Collection followed in 2013 and The Braid Collection came out in 2014. In spring 2015 they launched their Tools collection at the DesignMarch festival in Reykjavík.

For Helga and Orri it is important that both sexes can wear their jewellery, thus every piece they make is unisex. They want their jewellery to be wearable so people can enjoy them every day. For them jewellery is part of one’s lifestyle and should be more than adornments; they should express our feelings and contribute to life’s beauty. They are also inspired by everyday things and are drawn to symbolism and symbols. Anchors, scarabs and braids are all very different things but all consist of the elements that interest them: a beautiful shape, an intriguing history, beautiful symbolism and meaning.

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