Stoneware, textile, 45 x 30 x 25 cm

Stoneware, textile, 45 x 30 x 25 cm

Object 24: Kantamus, by Nathalie Lahdenmäki, Finland

Curator's reflection by Katarina Siltavuori:
Being part of the magic language /// game of whispers as a curator has been an interesting experience. Now that I’ve chosen an object for the last time it feels like saying goodbye to a friend.

Again, the right object did not turn up in my mind immediately, but when it did I could not think of anything more perfect. The object I received was of a bag, with details of rope. At first, I only concentrated on the rope and artists who work with rope as a medium. Then the flow of thoughts took me to Nathalie Lahdenmäki’s basket forms where the borders dividing ancient and contemporary forms are blurred. Lahdenmäki is a ceramic artist and designer working with table top items as well as unique utensils and larger vessels. She also combines her work with textile, something she has done in this particular work, where the handles are made of textile.

Réflexion de la curatrice Katarina Siltavuori:
Faire partie de magic language /// game of whispers (‘’le jeu du téléphone arabe’’) comme curateur fut une expérience intéressante. En choisissant pour la dernière fois un objet, je ressens un peu la même chose que lorsqu’on dit au revoir à un ami.

Encore une fois, le bon objet n’est pas apparu immédiatement dans mon esprit, mais lorsque ce fut le cas, je n’aurais pu penser à quelque chose de plus parfait. L'objet que j’ai reçu était un sac, avec des éléments de corde. Au début, je me suis seulement concentrée sur la corde et les artistes qui travaillent avec de la corde. Puis le flux de pensées m'a entraînée vers les formes en panier ou en corbeilles de Nathalie Lahdenmäki, dans lesquelles les frontières qui séparent les formes anciennes et les formes contemporaines sont floues. Lahdenmäki est une artiste céramiste et designer qui réalise des articles haut de gamme pour la table, des ustensiles uniques mais également de plus grands récipients. Elle intègre aussi à son travail des textiles, ce qu'elle a fait précisément ici, où les poignées sont faites en textile.

Nathalie Lahdenmäki (b. 1974) is a Finnish-French ceramist and designer. She graduated from the University of Art and Design, Helsinki, from the Department of Ceramics and Glass (1999). Lahdenmäki focuses in the esthetics of daily life. She concentrates in tabletop items as well as unique utensils and larger vessels. Her studio work is distinguished by thin-walled porcelain and earthenware objects of soft lines. The high quality, limited production of her Helsinki based studio is handmade, from mixing the clay bodies and glazes till the finishing of the objects. Lahdenmäki works also as a freelance designer for the Finnish ceramics and glass industry, Iittala and Arabia factories.

In 2009 was launched her first industrial design in Japan, PATA series, for the Japanese ceramic manufacturer Daily Life Shigaraki Co., Ltd. Since 2002 she has also worked as a lecturer at the Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki. She has received several prizes, such as the Design Plus Award 2002 in Frankfurt Germany for the candle holder FIRE designed for Arabia, the Maire Gullichsen prize 2002 in Finland, and the Bronze Award from Mino Competition 2005, Japan. In 2008 she was awarded the Young Designer of the Year in Finland together with furniture and fashion designer Naoto Niidome. Her works can be seen in several collections, among others the Rhösska Museum in Sweden.