Plethora, Textile Sculpture (2013)    © Deepa Panchamia

Plethora, Textile Sculpture (2013) © Deepa Panchamia

Object 3: Plethora, by Deepa Panchamia, Finland

Curator's reflection by Katarina Siltavuori:
When receiving the first image from the Swedish curator Agnieszka Knap my first realization was that nothing I had thought about in advance could apply to this way of curating. However, I experienced an immediate reaction to the architectonical forms and presence in the artwork I was sent. First, my brain took me on a journey through different materials, but very soon the images of Deepa Panchamias architectonical textile work pushed all other thoughts aside. Her work Plethora, is built up by small cubes, catching light in different ways, sometimes even giving the sensation of a pencil drawing. All the cubes are hand stitched together and form an abstract installation at the same time as it looks like a formation of many small buildings. This translucent sculpture binds together light material with strong form and extraordinary skill.

Réflexion de la curatrice Katarina Siltavuori:
Lorsque j’ai reçu la première image de la curateur suédoise Agnieszka Knap, j’ai tout d’abord réalisé que rien de ce à quoi j'avais pu penser auparavant ne pouvait s’appliquer à ce mode curatorial. Cependant, les formes architectoniques et la présence, dans l'œuvre d'art dont j’avais l’image sous les yeux, provoquaient en moi des réactions immédiates et des impulsions. Tout d’abord, mon cerveau m'a fait voyager à travers différents matériaux, mais très vite, les images du textile architectonique de Deepa Panchamia ont écarté toutes les autres. Son œuvre Pléthore est construite à partir de petits cubes, capturant la lumière de différentes façons, parfois même en donnant la sensation d'un dessin au crayon. Tous les cubes sont cousus ensemble à la main et forment une installation abstraite, qui ressemble à une formation de nombreux petits bâtiments. La sculpture architectonique translucide lie ensemble le matériau léger avec une forme solide et une dextérité extraordinaire.

Deepa Panchamia (b. 1981) is a British-Indian textile artist specialising in one-off, handmade architectural and sculptural textiles. Panchamia’s interests have always centred on the intertwining notions of scale and space, structure and surface and it was during her degree in Decorative Arts that her true love for textiles emerged. She graduated with a First Class Honours from Nottingham Trent University in 2004. Her previous exhibitions include: Contextile – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial, Portugal; Deepa Panchamia – Textile Structures, Finland; 7th Triennial of Contemporary Textiles Arts, Belgium; 100% Design London, England; and Premio Valcellina Award, Italy. Deepa Panchamia undertakes commissions, creating site-specific interior textiles and wearable art for both private and corporate clients. Previous commissions have included: pleated textile panels for the Louis Vuitton Maison in London commissioned Peter Marino Architects; wall sculptures for a private beachhouse in Mustique Island, commissioned by Contemporanea London; and costumes and installation for the performance of ‘The Raven’ commissioned by the Finnish National Opera.